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A Force of Nature is currently recruiting all classes. We invite mature, respectful, and fun loving players to join. We are a leveling and social guild who also do randoms and schedule raids. Please send in game request to Cennäs or whisper any member and ask for an officer.
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Welcome to A Force of Nature!

AFoN is an Alliance Casual/Social Guild on the US - Vek'nilash - Nesingwary - Nazgrel PvE server. If you are looking for a Hard Core Progression Based Guild, we are NOT that guild.

What does A Force of Nature offer?

First and foremost, while we are currently small and rebuilding, we are a guild with experienced, friendly members, meaning it's never hard to find someone to answer a question, to get an item crafted, to get a gem cut, to get an inscription created, or if you're leveling, someone to group with. We have people who like to raid, people who like to do PvP/Arena's, people doing Heroics, people doing normal Dungeons, etc.

We offer a guild bank 7 tabs (6 tabs currently open to members), Ventrilo, and of course a Guild Tabard.

Lastly we offer the same Guild Perks/Rewards that any other guild has to offer! 

AFoN will be a nice home to anyone with the right, positive attitude. Plus once you hit honored with the Guild, you can purchase a BoA (heirloom) Cloak, Helm and/or Leggings to help you level.

So whether you are level 1, level 100, just started playing WoW this week, a 10+ year veteran, or anything in between, you are welcome to join AFoN.  We have no "requirements" to join, however to stay in we ask that you follow the guild rules listed below.

Guild Rules:

  1. AFoN is first and foremost, an adult-oriented guild.  Topics in guildchat may reflect this from time to time.
  2. Racism, Sexism, Homophobia or Trolling will not be tolerated!
  3. Treat each other with respect, do not start fights in guild chat or you will be removed!
  4. Don't ask or beg for money from guild members (in private or in guild chat)
  5. Don't ask for power leveling or to be run through dungeons (even if you're paying). The guild has many members at all levels. You are encouraged to ask in guild chat "Anyone around my level want to group up and quest or queue for a random?"
  6. Don't steal From the guild bank (If you need it, take it, but don't take it to sell it, don't take it for your alt not in the guild, don't take it for your friend/child/parent, etc. The items in the guild bank are meant to benefit the MEMBERS of our guild, no one else, no exceptions).
  7. If you have any problems, comments, or suggestions regarding the guild. Either send a private tell, an in-game mail, or a mail on the forums to Cennäs or Spïce.

Breaking of any of the guild rules will result in immediate removal from the guild. There are NO warnings.

So if this sounds interesting to you, please contact Cennäs or Spïce in game (or whisper anyone in the guild, and ask for an Officer)

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